Registration for the 48th Annual Swim Around Key West is now open.

Payments will be through Zelle with phone number (941) 286-2722 Anna Fugina

All swimmers will pay $190 each.

Solo Swimmer $190 – Two Person Relay Team $380 – Three Person Relay Team $570

In the “What is it for?” section of Zelle please put your name and email. Relay teams please include the teammate contact information. We will then send you a liability release via email and collect your t-shirt information. Last years winner and swimmers who help promote the swim are exempt form payment but still have to sign a liability waver, if this is you please contact Anna Fugina.   

A swim t-shirt is included with every registration. If you would like to purchase additional swim t-shirts you can reserve them for $25 apiece. Just add this to the Zelle payment.

Please contact Anna Fugina (941) 286-2722 or (941) 268-1885 with any questions.

Proceeds donated to Project Lighthouse.