Kayak / Kayaker Service

In order to facilitate solo swimmers who have no kayak and kayaker, the organizers of the Swim will offer a service for the needy solo swimmers. For $210, we will provide the kayak AND the kayaker.

The breakdown is:
$110 Honorarium to the kayaker (that WE will pay to the kayaker after the swim is completed)
$60 Kayak rental to the outfitters (or the kayaker if they supply their own). Delivery and pick up at the start/finish line guaranteed.
$40 Service fee to the Kayak Coordinator.
Total: $210

Solo swimmers, if you wish to take advantage of this service, please pay for this when you apply. Please note that this is a package deal. We will not seek out just kayaks or just kayakers for solo swimmers. This service is limited to the first 35 swimmers who register and pay for the service. We will not honor any requests submitted after May 8, 2020.

If you did not sign up for the Kayak/Kayaker Service when you applied online, you may download the print application here. Please fill out the form completely and mail it with your check. Your request will not be valid until the application and payment are received.

**For solo swimmers who hire their own kayakers, we are often asked what sort of honorarium to give the kayaker. Considering that the kayaker must be at the pre-race meeting and will spend a full day on the water protecting and feeding you, we suggest a minimum of $110 for such a service.