Motor Boat Rental Information

Updated January 2016:

We suggest you set up the rental the day before to allow time to inspect your boat and ensure it is set up properly. Make sure the rental agency knows what time you need to pick up your boat on Saturday morning and what time you will be returning it. Since we have an early start this year, there may be issues with early pickup and/or additional fees. It is your responsibility to double check on pickup time and additional fees!

Swimmers should be at the beach by 8:15 a.m. on Saturday June 16, 2018.

Sunset Watersports: 305-296-2554 (Tammy)
They have 4-stroke motors available. $50 additional charge for early pickup (6:10 a.m.). Please check in and pay the day before (Friday).

Key West Boat Rentals: 305-791-1909 (David)
(Galleon Resort and Marina, 611 Front Street, Key West) Boats are 8 hour rentals. Five boats available, smallest is 17 feet long. 6 a.m. pickup. Check in the day before (Friday).

Boat Rentals Key West: 305-296-8826 (Rick Spencer)
(Garrison Bight) Not all available boats are shown on website. Nine boats available. Check in with Rick the day before (Friday).

Florida Keys Boat Rentals: 305-797-8954
(Key West Bight) No additional information available.

Please contact Don Nelson with questions about motor boat rentals.