This year we will be awarding the following categories to finishing swimmers:

Solo Awards: The overall solo finisher will have his/her name placed on the back of the official t-shirt and placed on the official plaque. The overall first place winners (both male and female) will receive free entry into the Swim the following year. Any solo swimmer finishing in first place and breaking the time of 3:31:28 (the record set by Gabe Lindsey in 1999) will be awarded $1,000 at the awards ceremony following the Swim.

Solo awards will go three deep for both overall male and female solo swimmers.
Awards will go two deep for Master’s category (over 40 years old) in both male and female.
There will be one award to the Grand Master (over 50) and one to the Senior Grand Master (over 60) in both male and female.

All solo swimmers completing the full course will receive a sterling silver finisher’s medallion upon exiting the water and entering the beach area.

Relay Awards: Awards will go two deep for each category of relay, for both the two- and three-person relay. There will be no distinction between male and female for relay awards.

We will award finisher’s medals to all relay teams upon their completion of the full course. The final swimmer will be given all the medals for his/her team to pass out to the other relay members if they are not present at the finish.

Any solo swimmers or relay teams choosing to enter the first-wave start and completing the course will receive finisher medals, but will not be eligible for any placement trophies.

The finisher medals are only awarded to solo swimmers and relay teams who complete the full course within 8 hours.

*Due to the Covid Pandemic we are streamlining the Annual Swim. Many of our regular features will be absent such as our tent headquarters on the beach and the cookout and refreshment on the beach afterwards. We will not be meeting on the beach after the swim. 

Post Swim on the Beach: We will not be meeting on the beach after the swim due to Covid restrictions.

Post-Race Awards: Awards will be distributed at 6 p.m. at Keys Bible Center, 1000 Coppitt Rd. in Big Coppitt (MM 9.75). Light refreshments will be served.