We have three categories for entry. Each Category will be capped at the following numbers. As each category caps, that category will close. There is NO waiting list.
Solo Swimmer: 150
Two-Person Relay: 10 teams
Three-Person Relay: 10 teams

Solo Swimmers: We will cap the solo entry at 150 swimmers. Any swimmer applying after the cap is met will be rejected. Once we cap, that is it! There will be NO WAITING LIST! No applications will be accepted after registration closes.  REGEISTER EARLY!

Relay teams: We have two-person and three-person relays. Each category has a separate application. Make sure you apply to the correct category. Each relay team member must fill out a separate application, but all relay team members must register. You MUST complete the required information for ALL team members at the time you register. The cap for the relay teams are: 10 two-person relay teams and 10 three-person relay teams.

Two-Person Relay: Once 10 teams apply, this category will close.

Three-Person Relay: Once 10 teams apply, this category will close.

There will be no land entries for relay swimmers. The transition point for the 2-person relay teams is Mile 6. The transition points for the 3-person relay teams will be at Mile 4 and Mile 8. Please note: Each relay swimmer must complete his/her entire leg before exiting the water. Once that swimmer reaches the transition mile, the next swimmer will enter the water and swim his/her entire distance. If a swimmer does not complete the full length of his/her distance and exits the water before the proper transition, that relay team will be disqualified.  Don’t worry! At the Pre-race meeting we will view the swim course  on a large map and discuss the route.

Remember, all registrations must be made before registration closes.

Questions Contact; (941) 286-2722 or (941) 268-1885