• What is the weather typically like for the Swim Around Key West?

    • The average high temperature for June in Key West is 87 degrees and the low is 79 degrees; however, the weather can be windy or rainy, providing challenging swimming conditions. If you prefer swimming in warm water, then Swim Around Key West will suit your needs.
  • Kayakers supporting their swimmersHow many participants are you expecting for the upcoming Swim?

    • We have decided to cap the solo division at 150 swimmers; the 2-person relay at 10 teams and the 3-person relays at 10 teams. With around 200 swimmers and their support teams, we may have a large crowd. All kayakers / support boats must stay close to their swimmer at all times.
  • What are the water conditions like for the Swim?

    • The water is warm and clear with plenty of fish to see. Waves are not usually high, but the conditions do vary from year to year.
  • Kayaker gets ready to launchHow difficult is it to complete the Swim around Key West?

    • Obviously any 12.5 mile swim is difficult; however, swimmers in our event do have some factors in their favor. We try our best to time the event so the tides will most benefit the swimmer. Additionally, for those who swim in fresh water or pools, you will be more buoyant swimming in salt water. To learn more about the swim, we recommend you read the journal entries of Bill Welzien. Bill swam around Key West once a month, every month for an entire year. As of 10/14/2023 Bill has 136 career swims around the island and counting. The journal entries are full of information that will help you understand the swimming conditions.
  • When was Swim Around Key West founded?

    • Swim Around Key West was founded in 1977 by Anna Fugina. Anna won the first two Swims Around Key West and remains active in the swim every year. In 2006, she was honored for the 30th Anniversary of her swim. In 2012, she swam the solo distance in honor of her 60th birthday. In 2013, she swam the two-person relay with her 18-year-old daughter, Maria Pennella. In 2017, she again swam the solo distance in honor of her 65th birthday.

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