Updates from Bill Welzien, Race Organizer

Bill has completed a career 134 swims around Key West. Read the stories of some of his swims below:

2016 Year in Review

Review of SolRx Sunscreen

#81: Too Slow, Lo Mojo, Jo Jo!

#80: Déjà Vu? Not Quite!

#79: Itchycoo Park

#78: Hung Out to Fry!

#77: In Hot Water!

#76: Moving On!

Snatching the Diamond: Swimming #75 Around Key West

Add One More … #74

#73: The Season Opener

“As the Dust Settled”
Bill’s account of his successful swim across the Sea of Galilee and back

Eligible for #65

Skin Care Product Review: Desitin 40% Zinc Oxide

June 2013 to April 2014 Swims: “Fifty Eight Is Pretty Great”

Bill’s Ironman Story: “The Graduation of Tin Foil Boy”

Letter from Bill about his Ironman fuel: Infinit


Bill’s Sea of Galilee Swim

Bill Attempts Tampa Bay Swim: “My DNF and PR”

Bill’s 30 Swims in 30 Months: “Welzien Swims 30 for 30!”
Shortly after the 2006 Swim Around Key West, Race Organizer (and 4-time Swim Around Key West Winner) Bill Welzien had an idea: to swim around Key West once a month, every month for an entire year. Bill ended up continuing past the year, swimming around the island once a month for 2.5 years! The streak ended on December 27, 2008.

Bill’s Swim Journals